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Use of Other Schools and Programs

Electing to be exempt from Nebraska accreditation or approval requirements gives parents the freedom to use any education resource they feel is best for their child.

Parents may choose to use community offerings, vocational schools, college classes, or online programs offered within Nebraska or from other locations.  They may even choose to use accredited programs from outside of Nebraska.

When parents choose to incorporate these resources into their exempt school’s program of instruction they should still know that many of these programs have defined participation requirements and may reflect specific standards of education, philosophy, or curriculum content.  Even though participation in one of these programs won’t infringe upon the exempt status within Nebraska, parents should still fully evaluate the requirements of participation to ensure they are not compromising on what they feel is important for their child's education. 

Parents should be fully informed so there are no surprises.  Ask many questions—then make your decision with all of the available information on the table.