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Membership in Nebraska Homeschool

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Who Can Join?

Membership in Nebraska Homeschool is open to all Nebraska families who are:

1. Actively homeschooling at this time.

2. In the process of filing Exempt School paperwork with the Nebraska Department of Education.

3. Membership is also open to families or individuals who meet one of the following criteria:

a. Actively homeschooling families in a neighboring state who wish to join Nebraska Homeschool.

b. Families relocating to Nebraska who plan to homeschool upon arrival.

c. Veteran homeschoolers who wish to support Nebraska Homeschool and contribute to our mission.

Membership is open to all homeschooling families who meet criteria, regardless of religious beliefs or method of homeschooling.  Members are required to agree with Terms of Service at the time of registration.

Family Membership is $30/year (explore Member Benefits). 

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