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Using other schools

Should I use other schools as part of my exempt school?

Only you can answer this question, and we know it may be a difficult one to answer for a variety of reasons.  Allow us to share a few thoughts on the issue.

  • Nebraska Homeschool actively advocates for parent-directed, parent-taught homeschooling.  We honestly believe it is the best way to homeschool.
  • We also acknowledge that the homeschool landscape has been changing and some homeschool families are choosing to use an eclectic mix of homeschooling methods and educational resources, incorporating things from outside of the home which are taught by persons other than the parents.
  • We acknowledge that our membership may have varying views on this issue, but as a group we feel it is important to respect the right and freedom of parents to choose what they feel is best for their child.
  • We believe it is our role to provide parents with information and resources to make informed decisions, and present alternatives for them to consider.

That’s why Nebraska Homeschool offers the following information for your consideration.  We want you to think through all facets of what it means to be an exempt school in Nebraska and thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of incorporating other schools into your exempt school’s program of instruction before making your decision.

Clarification of Terms
Use of Nebraska K-12 Accredited or Approved Schools
Use of Other Schools and Programs
Why parents choose to use other schools in their exempt school?
What factors should I consider when I am making my decision?