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Posted 9/10/20

Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Homeschool High School Students

FCA-ACTS is beginning again for the year!

  • First meeting is September 12th at 7:00 PM
  • City Impact Building 1035 N. 33rd in Lincoln, NE


If you are a homeschool high schooler who loves sports, this is for you! ANY sport . . . basketball, football, soccer, dancing, volleyball, lacrosse, wrestling, fencing, anything!

Our FCA-ACTS huddle is for high school athletes whether you are on a formal team or not. If you are interested in trying us out please come! It's a great time to get together with other Christian homeschooled sports enthusiasts to encourage one another to shine for Christ in every aspect of your life.

We’ll introduce and explain FCA, have group sharing time, play games in the gym, and end with pop and pizza! This year we want to create some t-shirts with our unique FCA-ACTS *Applying Christ Through Sports* words on it. A key Bible verse for our group for the year would be awesome! So . . . get your creative juices flowing and be ready to share ideas this Saturday!

To avoid as many Homeschool Team games as possible our schedule will jump around on Saturdays a bit, but always one Saturday of the month. Mark your calendar with these dates:

  • Saturday, September 12th
  • Saturday, October 24th
  • Saturday, November 14th
  • Saturday, December 19th

*We will be following the DHM of the city and City Impact ~ we are to wear a mask indoors unless we are able to maintain social distance, eating, or exercising.


Jeff & Tori Ryan ~ FCA-ACTS Huddle Leaders


[email protected]