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Posted 9/13/19

CLINICS: In the offseason, The Omaha Roadrunners offer comprehensive volleyball and basketball clinics. These clinics will feature concentrate instructions designed to pack a maximum amount of coaching into a small span of time. The concept is that intense, supervised training is worth more than months of unsupervised practice. For seasoned players and beginners. Coaching for all basketball clinics will be lead by Varsity Head Coach Thad Mott with assistance from a number of other program coaches.  Your son will become a better ball player by attending these clinics! Participation is highly encouraged.

SEPTEMBER 16, 23, 30 & OCTOBER 7
6-8 PM
New Athlete First Clinic Free
Clinic Fee: $10 per clinic

BOYS BASKETBALL CLINICS: Emphasis: Shooting, dribbling, passing, foul shooting, defense, rebounding, one-on-one play, game rules, confidence, competition, establishing goals, attitude.
Bring a basketball with your name on it.

WHO: For homeschool boys ages 8-18

WHERE: Bellevue University, 1000 Galvin Road, Bellevue, NE