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Posted 7/21/19

Hello Warriors!

We hope you are having a fabulous summer vacation! Our fall volleyball season is 25 days away! We need you to register soon as the coaches and board make prudential judgements about our Jr. High Teams placements in the PAL League. Many of these decision need to be made by August 1st. To that end it's time to register for volleyball! Spread the word so all our families and incoming newbies will have an opportunity to save some green while we prepare to cheer for our favorite athletes sporting red, white & blue! ????
2019-2020 VOLLEYBALL Registration Fees
High School Regular July 1-31 $250
High School Late August 1+ $275
Junior High Regular July 1-31 $225
Junior High Late August 1+ $245

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns at: [email protected]

Who do we play for? FOR HIM!