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Posted 7/11/19

Come join us at our FREE Self-Government Works Teacher Workshop at Bellevue University July 15th & 16th. We want to invite homeschool parents/teachers to come learn and be trained on how to run this exciting simulation in your homeschool groups.

Self-Government Works is an innovative Self-Government simulation that is a supplement to existing American History and U.S. Government curricula. It is an effective program in teaching the importance of civic engagement. Teachers who have used the program report a significant increase in student participation and excitement about history, government, and their own ability to self-govern. Visit www.selfgovernmentworks.com for more information.

If you are interested in attending the Workshop email or call me to reserve your space now.

ATTENTION: We need youth to participate in the Workshop. Even if you cannot attend, please send your youth (ages 14-18) to participate. We need youth for July 15th only. We will feed them and give them a gift certificate for participating.



Bill Norton

Bellevue University

Self-Government Works