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ASVAB May 25st Testing & Follow-up on June 1st To Publications / Articles

Posted 5/15/19

Good evening everyone! I have some great news for those of you still interested in taking advantage of the ASVAB Career Exploration Program. Mr. Bryon Compton has graciously offered the TriPoint Coffeehouse as a venue.  We will be conducting a Paper/pencil  ASVAB test session on Saturday the 25th of  May with a start time of 9:00am and a completion time of 12:00pm.  The location of the test is the TriPointe Coffeehouse, 138 N Washington St, Papillion, NE 68046. 

The following Saturday, 1 June at 1:00pm we will conduct the Post Test Interpretation. The various scores on the ASVAB will be interpreted identifying the traditional academic strengths and technical aptitudes of each student. The students will then take an interest inventory based on John Holland's Theory of Career Choice. The length of the interpretation is about one hour depending upon the questions generated. The ASVAB Interpretation, Interest Inventory and career searches are all accomplished online. When utilized to its full capability, this is what the program is designed to do:

                - Assist students with career searches based on academic strengths and interest codes (Hollands). 
                - Identify the level of education, certifications, or licensure needed for each career interest.
                - Identify where the required education can be obtained.
                - Identify the  mean salary per by state for each career.
                - discuss the knowledge, Skills and Abilities associated with each career.
                - Discuss Career Clusters.
                - Development of a portfolio that is an ideal snapshot of the student's academic abilities, interest, experience etc.

If you would like to participate in this session, please email me the names of the projected students and their current grade levels. AS the program is designed for high school and above, the minimum grade level requirement is 10th.However,  If a student has just completed all requirements for 9th grade, then they are eligible. Lastly, we will prove all test materials.  If you have ANY questions, feel free to contact me via this  email or cell 402-575-7796. AS usual, thank you for the opportunity to serve!!


Glynn A. Holmes Sr.
Education Services Specialist
Manager, ASVAB Career Exploration Program, Omaha, NE
[email protected]
Cell: 402-575-7796