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Posted 10/10/18

Dear fellow Homeschooling Family, (This is long but worth the read, and I need your assistance! I’m giving a discount code to make this worth it for you!)

I’m a homeschool veteran-turned-author. In this letter you’ll find two points of interest to you:

· I’m giving you a coupon code for 25% off your total purchase good through October 2018.

· I’m looking for voice actors for the dramatized versions of my books. I’d love to pull from the homeschool community first!

I need your help! I’ve published three books, with the third, A Christmas Journey, releasing in October. The first two, Don’t Forget Me and Dying Is Part of This World are part of a discussion book series where you'll find discussion questions and Scripture references. Both are designed to lead deeper conversation with your family. The third book, A Boy and His Dog, is not part of the Discussion Book series. You’ll find descriptions of all books below.

I LOVE the homeschooling community! I’ve written my books with the homeschooling world in mind, and I choose to self-publish so my books will stay in print as long as the Lord should tarry. However, getting the word out about them is difficult. I’m asking you to share about them in your sphere of influence. In exchange for that favor, I’m giving you and your community a coupon code for 25% off your total purchase. I’ve had excellent reviews on these books and you can read the reviews from This Old Schoolhouse here: http://schoolhousereviewcrew.com/discussion-book-series-and-a-boy-and-his-dog-kayla-jarmon-reviews/

About the books:

· A Christmas Journey reveals the redemptive story of Christmas through the world of animals. Romans 1 tells us that creation itself speaks for God. A Christmas Journey takes that aspect and expounds upon it. And the most unlikely group comes together for the good of another.

The story opens with Dog, who’s being transported to his forever home. Suddenly his world turns upside down when the vehicle crashes in the fog. The journey unfolds as the other animals happen upon him. Together they forge the adventure of a lifetime. And each one transforms for the better as they overcome struggles and discover God’s hand at work. Follow along and discover the true meaning of Christmas along with them.


· A Christmas Journey, Advent Calendar and Activity Booklet expounds on the lessons throughout the story. They are produced for you and your family's personal application throughout the Christmas season. They reflect on the story elements and coincide with passages in God’s word. Each day has an activity to take the lesson deeper. You will also find song suggestions for celebrating and adoring our Lord.


· Don’t Forget Me depicts a conversation between God and the baby in the womb. It follows the baby through growth to delivery and meeting the parents. I’ve made embroidered burp cloths to go with Don’t Forget Me, making it the perfect gift for a new mother.

With Don’t Forget Me, all my profits from the book are going back into God’s Kingdom work…as a first-fruits to God. I welcome ministries to think outside the box with using the book for their profit. Don’t Forget Me is pro-life in nature, as it shows God as the creator of life and the baby as a living being from conception.


· Dying Is Part of This World depicts a conversation between a mom and child about the child’s fear of death. With God’s truth and wisdom one overcomes the fear of death.


· A Boy and His Dog (third book) is a cute story that depicts a day in the life of a boy and his dog.

Since I’m a new author to you, I’m pasting a link for you (the leader in your group) to read a PDF version of the first three books. Please do not share the links. A Christmas Journey is different from the first three and is told much in the same rhyme and pace as ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. There are nine small chapters, and there are discussion questions, scriptures, and fun facts in the back of the book for discussion and fun learning. And the illustrations are by a homeschool student and are BEAUTIFUL.

Links and passwords to the first three books are below:

A Boy and His Dog: http://kaylajarmon.com/a-boy-and-his-dog-flipbook/

PW - KJ2k18

Dying Is Part of This World: http://kaylajarmon.com/dying-is-part-of-this-world-flipbook

PW - KJ2k18

Don’t Forget Me: http://kaylajarmon.com/ministry-preview/

PW: Exodus2316

Use this coupon code (homeschool) for 25% off your total order.

Please contact me if you’re interested in auditions or have any questions.

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Thank you! I love my fellow homeschooling families! We need each other…especially as the world grows darker.

Blessings to you and yours!


Kayla Jarmon

Author, Director, Producer
Psalm 90:17