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Posted 8/1/18

Ages 3-5

PRE-READING New Class! Help to get your child ready to explore the amazing world of reading. Through manipulatives and sensory activities, games, and songs, emerging readers are introduced to letters and sounds that are the building block to reading. This class is designed for students who are not proficient in letter recognition.


Ages 4-6

READING, WRITING–READY! Reading is a lifelong skill that affects every area of our life. In this upbeat, explicit, intensive, systematic, phonics class, we will teach reading skills through songs, games and vocabulary words. Your child will be thrilled to be on the reading journey, and you’ll love the confidence that follows suit.

Pre-requisite: letter recognition.


Ages 6-11

ROCKET MATH I (ages 6-9) Yes, even math can be fun! There is no trick to single digit addition and subtraction, so the way to improve speed and accuracy is practice, practice, and more practice! Rocket math uses timed tests, worksheets, and team-oriented spelling-bee type activities to make that practice goal oriented and self-competitive. Homework: 10 minutes per day.

ROCKET MATH II (ages 8-11) The class is designed for students who have already learned the fundamentals of single-digit addition and subtraction but would like to increase their speed and proficiency. It will also begin work on multiplication and division. Timed tests, worksheets, and flashcards build up recall and speed, which are then used to solve word problems, make unit conversions, figure out brainteasers, and play games.


Ages 7-14

BALLET (boys and girls) This is a classic ballet class that will include ballet technique, stretching, center floor work, and a short routine worked on every week. Students will be taught ballet vocabulary and will be engaged in a creative and interactive learning environment. Girls should wear their hair in a bun and off their neck if possible.


Ages 8-11

MUSIC AND MOVEMENT: Music and movement go together like peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper – one enhances the other! This class will include various styles of folk music through sing-a-longs, chanting, movement activities, folk dancing, marches, tonal and rhythm patterns, and instrument play. We will explore music and movements from all over the world. At the end of the semester, students will perform their newly learned songs and movements.

Alex served as a music minister for ten years in churches all over Oklahoma. This year he will also be teaching band students at Bennington schools, ukulele at Metropolitan Community College, and Applied Voice at Iowa Western Community College.


Ages 10-14

NEBRASKA HISTORY Know your state! Through activities, discussion, and lecture, students will discover the history and geography of Nebraska, including the expansion and development of Nebraska (forts, missions, settlements, trails, and cities), state symbols (flag, tree, bird, etc.), groups that have impacted Nebraska’s history (buffalo soldiers, cowboys, sodbusters, and immigrants), and prominent Nebraskans.


Ages 12-18

ART WORKSHOP New class! This class will allow time to experience art, explore new ideas, and develop skills in several areas of art. Each of the workshop sessions will apply basic principles and techniques while students create works of art using their own unique personalities and styles. Art workshops are designed to nurture growth and creativity in the field of art. This semester’s workshops will be divided into 4 three-week units covering drawing, abstract acrylic painting, printmaking, and clay sculpture.


Ages 14-18

SPANISH I: The first semester of a year-long class. This class will increase vocabulary and knowledge of common conversation through the study of grammar, verb conjugation, and language usage. Through teacher-led instructions and interactive activities, role-plays, stories, and music, students will have opportunities to further their written and oral language skills. Homework: 3-5 hrs. per week.


REGISTER NOW! Classes meet on Wednesdays, beginning on Sept. 5th and ending Nov. 28th. Tuition is typically $95 for a semester class ($85 for volunteers). There may be additional supply fees. See all our classes and get more information at omahahomeschool.com. Questions? Contact Jack at 402-541-4829 or [email protected].