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Process Change for Requesting Accommodations for ACT Testing To Publications / Articles

Posted 8/28/17

HSLDA alerted us to this change for ACT Special Accommodations:
Starting in September 2017, the ACT will move to an entirely online filing system. This means that they will no longer accept accommodations requests via paper, email, or fax.
If your student is planning to apply for accommodations on the ACT, we encourage you to start that process now!
Additionally, under the new online system, any parent or administrator wishing to apply for accommodations for a student must obtain a school administrator account with the ACT.
Alternatively, you may want to consider instead having your child apply for accommodations for the SAT through the College Board*, which still accepts and has stated they will always accept paper filing requests from homeschoolers.
As a third option, if you have classically trained your student, you may choose to have him or her take the Classic Learning Test (CLT). Many colleges are now accepting this test, and it is an untimed assessment.
FYI: Trinity Classical Academy and Bellevue Public Library are listed on the CLT website as testing centers for our area.
*Don't forget to take advantage of the other great resources on the College Board website!