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Posted 1/30/17

The Education Committee will hold a hearing on LB 58 tomorrow at 1:30 pm.

Homeschool families are encouraged to attend.  You may also submit written testimony prior to the hearing start time.

Please follow the link below to read LB 58 and associated documents in their entirety.



LB 58 proposes increased access for participation of exempt (home) school students in public school extracurricular activities with the following caveats:

  • It prohibits exempt school students from participation for 365-days (1 year) from the date of withdrawal from public school (NH-HEN views this as unreasonable and it works against participation)

  • It directs school boards to develop policies allowing for participation of exempt school students ”to the same extent and subject to the same requirements, conditions, and procedures as students enrolled in the public school governed by such board” (NH-HEN feels this may cause some increased requirements to be placed upon exempt school students who do participate in public school extracurricular activities; we cannot be certain)

  • States schools “may require exempt school student to be continuously enrolled in no more than one course per semester” (NH-HEN sees this a good change since it is down from the twenty credit enrollment required by NSAA)


Nebraska Homeschool opposes LB 58 as currently written.

NH-HEN primary opposition is in relation to the 1 year lock-out period.  There are philosophical discussions that can be made in relation to the other two points, but NH-HEN will allow families who desire to participate in public school extracurricular activities speak to those issues and to whether or not the terms for participation set forth in LB 58 are an acceptable compromise.



Tips on Testifying at a Committee Hearing

Letters or written communications containing support, opposition or neutral testimony also are accepted by committees during a bill's public hearing. Persons wishing to send written information should address their correspondence to the office of the senator who chairs the committee and ensure that the information arrives before the hearing.

Education Committee Members are listed below.  If you wish to submit written information, please direct your correspondence to Honorable Sen. Mike Groene, Chairperson of the Education Committee.  His email is listed next to his name.