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Posted 1/23/17

“Exploring Nebraska”

As the state of Nebraska enters its 150th year of statehood, Hildegard Center for the Arts  (HCFA) is excited to share instructional resources that have been developed to assist Nebraska teachers as they celebrate Nebraska’s sesquicentennial with their students. In collaboration with the Nebraska State Historical Society and Nebraska Tourism Commission, HCFA conducted a photo call to gather images from all of Nebraska’s 93 counties in preparation for Nebraska’s special celebration. Building upon the images and narratives included in the Sesquicentennial Traveling Photo Exhibit: “Bridges—Sharing our Past to Enrich the Future”, HCFA and its partners have created an outstanding instructional resource featuring all the of State’s counties.  With guidance from Harris Payne, Nebraska Department of Education Social Studies Program Director, and Paul Hunt, adjunct geography professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, “Exploring Nebraska” includes:

  • Photo images from each of 93 Nebraska’s counties with accompanying narrative

  • Applicable Nebraska Social Studies Standards for fourth grade elementary students

  • A Story Map that allows teachers and students to access the instructional resources of a county via a virtual Nebraska map

  • “Quick Facts” about each county

  • Discussion points for each county to promote creative thinking

  • Additional resources such as links, suggested books and possible art projects

Although “Exploring Nebraska” is ideal for use in teaching about Nebraska in fourth grade curriculum, this resource can be used by all ages—from senior citizens in retirement communities to children in home-schooling families and everyone in between. The resource can also be used by history buffs as well as an inspiration for writers and those who enjoy the Arts and culture. Please advise teachers that these instructional resources may be accessed through the Hildegard Center for the Arts website: Simply click on either “Current Events” or “Bridges” at the top of the Main Menu to access the “Instructional Resources” and/or “Story Map”.

We hope you will make use of this valuable resource as you and your students explore Nebraska’s rich history, heritage, culture and traditions to celebrate 150 years and going strong!

“Exploring Nebraska” is supported in part by Humanities Nebraska and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment and the following Statewide Sponsors: The Nebraska Sesquicentennial Commission; Nebraska Tourism Commission; Johnson Hardware Company, the Ethel S. Abbott Charitable Foundation; and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 



Donna Williams

Project Chair