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Posted 1/18/17

Growing Leaders:  3 spots available!! 

We have three spaces available in one of the two 5 - 7 yr old classes.  Classes start Tuesday, Feb. 7 this semester. 

Growing Leaders is an extracurricular weekly class for home-schooled kids ages 5 - 10.  It offers the kids an environment to play, explore & create.  

Growing Leaders is based on two concepts:  play / activity centers and weekly presentations. 

Growing Leaders is in its 4th year and has over 45 kids in the program this year.  Class size is typically 12 - 16 students.  Growing Leaders meets weekly from September until mid-December, and February and until early May.  Classes are on Tuesdays, from 12:45 - 3:15, and meet at the Southwest Church of Christ.  Parents drop off their kids.  

Each class has a professional teacher and an assistant teacher.  

The purpose of Growing Leaders is to enrich the home-schooling experience, and nurture young people to become leaders, thinkers, and creators.  It also gives the kids an opportunity to see the same group of kids on a weekly basis.  As they play, create, and interact together each week, the kids establish friendships.  The play centers include:  Games and Puzzles Center; Tinkering / Maker Station; Art, Drawing & Writing Center; Planks, Blocks and Building Center; Lego Center; Dramatic Play Center; STEM Center; and Reading Center.  This social time organically develops essential life skills such as decision making, creative problem solving, collaboration, communication, self-management, and critical thinking.  

Presentations are weekly, and kids are on a rotating presentation schedule.  The presentations may include such things as poem, joke, sharing bag, example of a kid who's made a difference, current event, book I love, virtue, manner, example of helping others, creative person study, teach or show a simple concept, failure report, non-profit report, and invention idea.  Presentations are short.  The younger class also includes journaling time, and D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read) time.  

 The kids stay together with their same "class" each year -- and they all "age up" together.  It's designed to be like regular school in this way (because they're with the same kids year after year), which helps them form a more lasting bond with each other.  

The cost is $35 per 4 week period (which amounts to $3.50 / hour).  The $35 fee goes entirely to either the teachers or the Southwest Church of Christ (for space rental).  There's a 15% discount for the first sibling, and 20% discount for the second sibling.  

An unexpected side bonus, is that Growing Leaders gives busy home-school moms a little time to focus on either their older or younger children, while your Growing Leader is in class.  And it affords mom a little window for personal time each week for dentist and doctor's appointments, lesson planning, etc.  

Please e-mail me with any additional questions  [email protected]

:) Heather Schneider