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Posted 12/21/16

Meet Our New Mastery Level Sponsor*

Brain Balance is a comprehensive program that combines physical and sensory motor exercises with cognitive skill training and healthy nutrition, placing both hemispheres of the brain back in sync. This allows kids to live a more functional life and achieve more with academics. Each student is unique and we try to honor that by individualizing our program to fit the needs of each student. We can help a wide range of students from ADHD, high functioning Autism, academic, social or behavioral issues, learning disabilities, lack of focus, and more! Feel free to visit the Brain Balance website for more information.  Our current locations are 180th & Pacific (402) 933-3541 and 84th & Center (402) 875-9418.

Teresa Kaelin

Center Director/Owner




17837 Pierce Plaza 

Omaha, NE 68130





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