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Posted 12/7/16

Nebraska Homeschool received this message and wanted to pass it on to you (this is not an endorsement, just information sharing):

My name is Stacey Fletcher and I work in a volunteer capacity as the State Chairman for the Distinguished Young Women of Nebraska Scholarship Program.  I wanted to reach out to you and share some basic information regarding our scholarship program for parents that belong to your association and may have a high school JUNIOR that fits our scholarship criteria.  Attached you will find a document outlining the basics to apply for our scholarship and what applicants can expect to gain from our program beyond scholarships.

Additionally, there are several ways to learn more about our program:
YouTube video – Google:  “YouTube distinguished young women promo”
National website –
Facebook – Search:  “Distinguished Young Women of Nebraska Scholarship Program”

If you have a method of sharing this information (website, newsletter, etc.) with members of your association it would be greatly appreciated.  We are working hard to reach all JUNIOR girls across the state of Nebraska.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email or phone.  I’d be glad to provide more information.  Please note the deadline to participate/apply is early 2017.


Stacey Fletcher
Distinguished Young Women of Nebraska State Chairman
[email protected]
402-669-4567 cell