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Get the Most from the Calendar To Publications / Articles

Posted 9/23/16

Accessing NH-HEN Calendar: When you click on the link to the NH-HEN calendar you will automatically be sent to the calendar in "Calendar" view.  You may remain in this view (see the entire month at a glance) or you may change to a "List" view (see list of month's events in chronological order).  You may view the entire calendar online or print a copy for yourself.  Most items on the calendar are published to the Public, occasionally an item will remain Private for NH-HEN members only.  Members are encouraged to login to the website from time-to-time to view these Private events.  You may also look ahead at upcoming months or search the calendar by topic if you are looking for something in particular.

Printing NH-HEN Calendar: There are several options available for printing the calendar.  You may print the calendar from either view if you desire a hardcopy for your refrigerator or bulletin board.  Print buttons are located just below the calendar/list.

  • Want a monthly overview?  If you want an overview of the month, print from Calendar view to get the month with the event names/dates.

  • Want a list of all events with details?  If you want a chronological list of events/dates, print in List view to get a complete list with full details.

  • Want single event details?  Click on the event.  When you click on a particular item, a pop-up window will open displaying details about that event, to include location/time, instructions, and sign-up links (if required).  At the bottom of the pop-up window is a option.  Just click that button and it will print for you.

  • What if a pop-up window doesn't open?  If a pop-up window doesn't open, then the item listed on the calendar is merely a memory jogger for those interested in the item.

Submitting Items to NH-HEN Calendar: If you or your group is interested in submitting an item to the NH-HEN calendar, please email [email protected].  Be sure to place "Calendar Submission" in your email subject line and include full details in the body of the email.  We ask that all submissions be made as early as possible so we have time to contact you if we have any questions about your submission.  Submission is not a guarantee of posting and NH-HEN holds full discretion on which items to post.