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Behind the Scenes: Volunteers Help To Publications / Articles

Posted 9/4/16

A Look Behind the Scenes: We Couldn’t Do it Without Vounteer Help

With a successful 2016 conference under our belt, we thought it only fitting that we should let you know who was working behind the scenes.  Debbie Nordstrom (past president) headed up our 2016 Conference Task Force.  As the chair of the task force, Debbie coordinated all functions and lined up the great group of exhibitors for the conference.  The following individuals also helped in the various ways: Julie Knutson (member), assisted by the Lightning flag football team, directed exhibit hall layout, set-up, and take-down; Jessica Howell (sitting secretary and Membership Coordinator) managed the conference registration and coordinated conference check-in with the help of members Daphne Carden and Rhonda DunawayTricia Croushorn (sitting treasurer) and Kathryn Dillow (sitting president) produced and managed the speaker line-up, media, and marketing.  Lastly, a big shout-out to the following sponsors of our 2016 conference.  “Thank you” to Wildewood Christian Church and the following Papillion businesses, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, and Walmart.

If you are interested in helping with next year’s summer conference or wish to sponsor our event, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you.