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Notes from the Board - Sept 2016 To Publications / Articles

Posted 9/4/16

Notes from the board…

We pray all of you have experienced a summer respite and are full of energy as you head into another exciting year.  At this time we are busy evaluating our group  and learning ways to run it more effectively.  It is our goal to maximize our nonprofit status to the benefit of the homeschooling community and to the glory of Christ.  We have taken the following steps to set us on a path that will help accomplish this goal. 

Revised and documented our vision, mission and core values.  If we were going to chart a path, we need to know where we are headed.  We also need to clearly articulate who we serve and what we value.  Flowing from this, we have also updated our Statement of Faith and Position Statements.  These are posted on our website on the About Us page.

Rebranded with a new name, new logo and a new website.  We needed to incorporate the words Nebraska and homeschool into our name so it would be easier for folks to find us on internet searches.  We updated our logo to incorporate the “n” and “h” of Nebraska Homeschool, and migrated to a new web host with a fresh new look.  Our new site offers great potential and we continue to expand the content at every opportunity.  We invite feedback from our members.

Stood up new Facebook and Pinterest pages.  We became acutely aware that many homeschoolers use social media as a way to connect and share information.  For this reason, we thought it was important for Nebraska Homeschool to have a presence in two forums frequented by homeschooling parents.  This has allowed us to network with groups and individuals that we would not have otherwise encountered.

Broadened networking across Nebraska.  With a new name, website and social media connections, we are poised to broaden our networking efforts.  We are reaching out to as many homeschool groups across Nebraska in an effort to improve communication and collaboration.  We are also making contact with community resources and businesses that we believe will benefit Nebraska Homeschool members.

Joined Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM).  Our board acknowledges we need to learn more about running a nonprofit.  To help us learn, we joined NAM.  NAM offers training for nonprofits, as well as many valuable resources.  We are committed to learning how to grow, network, and evaluate our organization so we can continue to serve the homeschool community for as long as God chooses.

 If you are interested in serving with Nebraska Homeschool, we invite you to contact us to discuss the many opportunities that exist.  God bless you as you teach and shepherd you children.