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2017 Conference Presentations

Opening Session                                                            9:00 AM - 9:50 AM


Helping the Distractible Child

Melinda & Scott Boring (Heads Up!)

A fidgety child, constantly in motion, heading off on tangents at every opportunity.  Does this describe your child?  Maybe your child can sit still just fine but seems to be in his own little world rather than attending to the task at hand.  Does a twenty-minute assignment take two hours at your house?  Come and learn the best teaching tips for working with distractible children, as well as ways to tweak the learning environment and develop your child’s awareness of time passing.

Morning Sessions  (Concurrent)                               10:00 AM - 10:50 AM


Easy Peasy Homeschooling

Ashley Mason (Nebraska Easy Peasy Chat Group)

Ashley shares how easy homeschooling can be when you find a good fit between your family's needs and a curriculum.  Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is great for anyone who needs/wants to save money and time.  As for money, the curriculum is online and free.  Of course you'll need to have basic school supplies such as paper and pencils (and internet access), but it requires no additional books or supplies unless you choose to add some.  As for time, this is one way for your children to learn how to work independently and it minimizes mom's curriculum planning time, leaving more time for other homeschool activities and family.


Sensory Integration

Melinda & Scott Boring (Heads Up!)

Is your child an extremely picky eater, hypersensitive to sounds and smells, or irritated by clothing tags or sock seams?  Does your child seek out stimulation and sensory experiences?  Is she a messy eater, or does he seem extremely clumsy?  Does your son or daughter love to be hugged tightly, or hate to be touched in any way?  These are just a few of the common issues one sees when a child is experiencing difficulties with sensory processing.  Come and learn how to identify sensory issues; find strategies and resources to help deal with their impact on your child and family.


What Can I Do for the Exempt School "Health" Requirement?

Kathryn Dillow (Nebraska Homeschool)

Too often the idea of health is confined to the areas of our physical bodies or mental well-being.  It's Kathryn's goal to challenge this thinking and encourage homeschool parents to adopt a wholistic view of health.  With a wholistic view of health parents can create individually tailored health instruction experiences for their children.  Join her as she shares ideas and resources for you to consider using in your exempt school health curriculum.


Three R's for the Homeschool Mom: #1 Revitalize Your First Love

Shelley Noonan (Pumpkin Seed Press)

We all know that the three R’s (reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic) are needed for any balanced homeschool curriculum. But did you know that moms need to have three R’s in their lives so it is complete and balanced? Shelley writes a Biblical prescription for the weary mom who needs to be revived and revved up. Join her for the first “R” to learn practical suggestions for energizing your relationship with God.

Afternoon Sessions-A (Concurrent)                            12:30 PM - 1:20 PM


Bringing Hope Through Community Service

Phyllis Titus (Homeschool Teen Serve)

Just as "...The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve..." (Matthew 20:28), even the youngest homeschoolers can experience the joy of serving and discover how great it feels to give a little time and energy to bring practical help and hope to neighbors in need.  Hear the Homeschool Teen Serve story and how to enhance academic pursuits, spiritual training, and extra-curricular activities by adding community service to you homeschool schedule.


Executive Function: How Your Child's Brain Processes Information

Teresa Kaelin & Melanie Furstenerg (Brain Balance)

What is executive functioning?  The 11 different subtypes of executive functioning will be discussed along with different strategies for helping a child who struggles with executive functioning in the homeschooling setting.  If you already know your child is struggling, what do you do next?  Come hear about different options, treatments, and community services for children who struggle and stay for the open Q&A period so you can ask an Occupational Therapist and moms of children who struggled, "What are the options for a child who struggles in the homeschool setting?"


How a Community Ambassador Can Help Your Group

Kathryn Dillow (Home School Foundation)

Kathryn has served as the Nebraska State Ambassador for the Home School Foundation since 2014.  During that time she has had the opportunity to meet and serve Nebraska homeschool families with unique financial needs generated by homeschool start-up expenses, lost jobs, medical expenses, death of a spouse and more.  Join her to learn how becoming a Community Ambassador in your group can create opportunities for you to secure resources for homeschool families with similar financial needs.


Three R's for the Homeschool Mom: #2 Refresh Your Spirit

Shelley Noonan (Pumpkin Seed Press)

This is the second “R” in Shelley Noonan's series Three R’s for the Homeschool Mom.  In the first session Shelley addressed a mom’s relationship with God, now she turns the spotlight on mom herself.  Shelley reminds us we are unable to give of ourselves if we are depleted.  Join her for this second “R” as she shares ideas on how to take care for yourself.

Afternoon Sessions-B (Concurrent)                            1:30 PM - 2:20 PM


Three R's for the Homeschool Mom: #3 Rekindle Your Marriage

Shelley Noonan (Pumpkin Seed Press)

This is the third “R” in Shelley Noonan's series Three R’s for the Homeschool Mom. Having already addressed the most important relationship a mom can have - a personal relationship with God, and the need to care for ourselves so we can serve others, Shelley now reminds us to lovingly care for the most intimate earthly relationship we have, our marriage.  Shelley offers words of wisdom, reminding us we are part of a union. Join her for this third “R” to hear these gentle reminders not to ignore the marriage relationship.

Afternoon Sessions-C (Concurrent)                             2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Speech & Debate Clubs

Marjie Davis (National Christian Forensics & Communications Association)

Julie Knutson (Toastmasters International)

Learn how to incorporated speech and debate into your homeschool curriculum and equip your child in the skills of public speaking and apologetics.  This session introduces you to two different options: National Christian Forensics & Communications Association (NCFCA) and Toastmasters International.  Join Marjie and Julie to learn more about each program. 

Afternoon Sessions-D (Concurrent)                             1:30 PM - 3:00 PM


Homeschool Athletics

Lightning Basketball, Lightning Flag Football, Roadrunners Basketball, and West Omaha Wildcats Flag Football

Athletics play an important part in an exempt school program of instruction.  Children gain physical conditioning, learn to work independently and as a team, and they learn to accept direction from someone other than their parents.  This session offers an introduction to a few of the Omaha metro's homeschool athletic groups.  Each group will give a brief presentation about their program.  There will be a Q&A period following the last presentation.  Everyone is also invited to visit these groups in the Exhibit Hall.


Classical Christian Education: Options for Exempt Schools

Trinity Classical Academy, Veritas Classical Schools, and Classical Conversations

Many homeschool families are seeking a curriculum with a Biblical worldview that is both comprehensive and rigorous.  Classical Christian education may be exactly what they are looking for.  Classical Christian education follows the Trivium in its methodology, yet interprets all subjects in light of a Christian worldview.  This session offers a look at some of the classical Christian programs available to exempt schools.  Each presenter will give a brief presentation about their program.  There will be a Q&A period following the last presentation.  Everyone is also invited to visit with our presenters in the Exhibit Hall.


College for Dual Credit & More!

Bellevue University, Grace University, and Southeast Community College

Homeschooling offers great flexibility in tailoring a child's education to his or her future goals.  Why wait until after graduation to start working on those goals?  Attend this session to hear what colleges and universities are offering to homeschool students.  Jump-start your child's college degree.  Each institution will give a brief presentation about their program.  There will be a Q&A period following the last presentation.  Everyone is also invited to visit with each college or university representative in the Exhibit Hall.


Keynote Address                                                             3:30 PM - 4:30 PM


Secrets Teachers Never Tell

Melinda & Scott Boring (Heads Up!)

Learn SECRETS that will simplify your life and enhance your teaching!  Learn how to begin the year, what months are more conducive to learning, what to do when the year isn't long enough, how children learn and so much more.  Melinda brings us this Joyce Herzog presentation, drawing upon Joyce’s 30+ years of experience, so we can be more effective in our job of teaching and less stressed.  You'll laugh, you'll learn, and a LOAD will be lifted from your shoulders.