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 2017 Conference FAQ

Registration & Cancelation

Q: If the conference is free for NH-HEN members, why do we need to register in advance?

A. Advance registration will allow you to check-in quickly and get to your sessions or exhibit hall quicker.  It also allows us to ensure there are adequate materials for each attendee and plan for space.


Q. When does conference registration open?

A: Advance online registration opens June 25, 2017.  NH-HEN members are free.  Registration for non-members is $30.


Q: How can I register?

A: You can register online or mail in a registration form.  Just follow the information in Conference Registration.


Q: If I pre-register, where do I check in when I arrive at the conference?

A: The check-in table will be located in the main foyer of Wildewood Christian Church.  After you check-in, we will have a conference program and bag for you.


Q: Do you accept same-day or walk-in registration?

A: Yes.  Same-day or walk-in registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Members are free; Non-members $30.


Q: If I pre-registered and paid, can I get a refund if I need to cancel?


A: Yes, if a request for refund is submitted in writing by July 25, 2017.  Online payments will be refunded (less $5 for processing fees) within one (1) week of the refund request.  Check payments will be refunded in full within two (2) weeks of refund request.


Children at Conference

Q: Can I bring my children to the conference?

A: Yes, children may attend with their parents as long as they are not disruptive and follow our "Abide With Me" policy.  Please be aware there are no sessions being offered specifically for children this year and we do not offer childcare. 


Q: What is the "Abide With Me" policy?

A: It is the Nebraska Homeschool policy to ensure the safety and protection of children.  We acknowledge that parents are the authority over thier own children and responsible for the conduct of their children.  For this reason, children under the age of 12 must abide (remain) with their parent or responsible adult at all times.  If parents determine it is appropriate, they may give their teenage children permission to independently attend sessions that will help them with high school plannng and college preparation, but the teen remains under the authority and control of the parents.  If seating is limited, we ask that you ensure registered adult attendees have a seat before seating your children.  We will secure additional seating as resources permit.


Q: What if there is a concern related to a child at the conference?

A: Nebraska Homeschool staff will speak privately with the parents of the child regarding the matter.

Grandparents at Conference

Q: Can grandparents attend the conference?

A: Yes. Grandparents may attend free with a registered parent.  We define grandparents as "the parents of the registered attendee."  The registered attendee is expected to pay the appropriate registration fee (NH-HEN member: Free; Non-members: $30).  We do ask for the grandparents' names to be included on the parents' registration form.

Exhibit Hall

Q: What are the exhibit hall hours?

A: The conference exhibit hall will be open:  Saturday, August 5, 2017  ~~~  8:00 AM. - 3:30 PM.


Q: Do I have to pay for the conference if I just want to come to the exhibit hall?

A: No. We are able to grant free access to our exhibitors this year.  If you want to come to the exhibit hall only, you will need to sign-in at the registration desk before entering the exhibit hall.


Q: Who may exhibit at the NH-HEN conference?

A: We invite exhibitors who will contribute to homeschooling efforts and support the vision, mission, and core values of NH-HEN.  NH-HEN holds final approval, without comment, for who may exhibit in our conference.  If someone is interested in exhibiting, please Contact Us.

Distribution of Materials

Q: Can I pass out fliers about my business, group, organization, club, church, etc.?

A: No. The distribution of materials at the conference is prohibited. Only those who have paid for this privilege may do so.  We adhere strictly to this policy in fairness to those who have paid.  Additionally, our paying exhibitors are the ones who enable us to bring this conference to you; undermining this process hurts every attendee and NH-HEN.  If you are interested in reaching our conference attendees with your materials, you may consider the following options:

  • Pay for inserts to be placed in attendee gift bags

  • Pay for Conference Advertising

  • Become an exhibitor

Please Contact Us if you would like information on these options.