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Recognizing academic achievement of homeschooled students.
History Eligibility Application

Eta Sigma Alpha (ESA) is the National Homeschool Honor Society that was established in 1999 to recognize the scholarly achievements of students who are homeschooled.  The history explains how ESA was started and how the name was selected.

Nebraska Homeschool is proud to sponsor the local Chi Zeta Chapter for the homeschool community.

Eligibility requirements reflect those of the national (parent) organization and the local Chi Zeta Chapter. 

We encourage you to recognize your student's achievements with ESA membership.  We also encourage all ESA members to list the honor society on high school transcripts and college applications.





If your student would like to apply for membership in ESA National Homeschool Honor Society, please complete the application. 

Application fee is $10.  Family does not need to be NH-HEN member to apply.

Member Benefit: fee is waived if applicant's family has been NH-HEN member for 18 consecutive months prior to application; membership must be active at the time of application to receive this benefit.