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Fundraising opportunity for our groups

We have a few changes...keep reading.

Box Tops for Education offers us an opportunity to earn money for our homeschooling activities.  As an eligible 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, Nebraska Homeschool maintains a Box Tops account through General Mills and processes Box Tops for Education to support our local homeschool community.  It's one way Nebraska Homeschool can give back to the local homeschool community.

Nebraska Homeschool - Deadlines for Submitting Box Tops:

Fall Deadline: October 20

Spring Deadline: February 20

Group submissions (mailed or hand-delivered) must be received by the Nebraska Homeschool Box Tops Coordinator by the deadline. 

Box Tops donated for Nebraska Homeschool are accepted at any time.

Option #1: Support Nebraska Homeschool - Donate to us at any time!

Anyone can donate Box Tops to support Nebraska Homeschool!  It's an easy way to show your support for the programs and services we offer to the homeschool community.  Just mail your Box Tops to the address below and we'll take it from there.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Nebraska Homeschool

PO Box 323

Boys Town, NE 68010

Option #2: Support Your Other Homeschool Group

We invite our local homeschool groups (support group, co-op, scouting troop, sports team, club, etc.) to participate in this program for the benefit of their groups and Nebraska Homeschool.  For-profit entities may not participate in this program.  As such, Nebraska Homeschool holds sole discretion in determining a group's eligibility for participation in this program. 

Group Box Tops submissions will not be accepted after the specified deadlines.

Click here for Group Box Tops Submission Form

[Submissions must be made with the current form]

Nebraska Homeschool Box Tops Coordinator: Diane Cary


How does the program work?

Each participating group must appoint a person to serve as a single Point of Contact (POC) for their group.  The group POC is responsible for following our program guidelines and is responsible to their submitting group.  Nebraska Homeschool is not responsible for the conduct of group POCs or the management of funds donated to the designated group representatives.  Nebraska Homeschool reserves the right to deny participation to any group without comment.


How is my group helping Nebraska Homeschool raise funds?

When a group chooses to participate in our program, that group is helping Nebraska Homeschool raise funds. Funds earned with Box Tops submitted by us are paid to Nebraska Homeschool by the General Mills Box Tops for Education program.  We choose to donate a portion of the funds back to the homeschool community that helped us raise the funds.

The relationship between Nebraska Homeschool and the General Mills Box Tops for Education program is exclusive.  Nebraska Homeschool is the only entity that may use our nonprofit EIN for fundraising or acceptance of donations.  Participation in our program is voluntary and does not constitute a fiscal sponsorship.  If a group wishes to submit their own Box Tops directly to General Mills, that group must establish their own account with the General Mills Box Tops for Education Program. 


How do participating groups earn funds?

Our volunteers work hard to benefit all participating groups.  Effective this year, Box Tops submitted to us by other groups will earn funds for both the submitting groups and Nebraska Homeschool based on the following parameters:

  • Registered nonprofit homeschool groups: 75% of the earned funds from your group's submitted Box Tops will be donated back to your designated group representative; 25% of the earned funds will provide support to programs and services offered by Nebraska Homeschool.
  • Other homeschool groups: 90% of the earned funds from your group's submitted Box Tops will be donated back to your designated group representative; 10% of the earned funds will provide support to programs and services offered by Nebraska Homeschool.

  • Nebraska Homeschool reserves the right to donate a greater amount of the earned funds back to participating groups.


When do participating groups get paid?

Payment dates are approximately 3 months after turn-in dates (October 20 or February 20).  Please know this timeframe may vary depending on when we receive the funds from General Mills.  Nebraska Homeschool hopes to receive funds from General Mills by the end of December and April respectively.  It is our goal to have all groups paid by the end of the corresponding January and May.


How are participating groups paid?

Groups will be paid with a check.  Checks will be made out according to the information listed on the Group Box Tops Submission Form.  Please ensure the group submission form is complete and legible - this will help avoid any delays in group payment.  Groups do not need to submit self-addressed stamped envelopes.

Participating groups MUST process (cash) checks from Nebraska Homeschool within 90 days of the date on the check.  Failure to do so will result in check cancellation and the funds will be retained by Nebraska Homeschool.


What does a group POC do?

  1. Promote the Box Tops program within the group.
  2. Collect the group's Box Tops.
  3. Verify all expiration dates are legible and valid.
  4. Bundle Box Tops coupons into bundles of 50.
  5. Secure each bundle in a baggie, with string, or a rubber band.
  6. Tally and bundle special (i.e. bonus) Box Tops coupons separately.
  7. Download and complete the Group Box Tops Submission Form.  If you are unable to download the form, you may Request a Form via email.
  8. Contact the Nebraska Homeschool Box Tops Coordinator for the mailing address or local drop-off location for hand-delivery.
  9. Submit all of these items before the deadline.


How can a group POC promote the Box Tops program?

  1. Request promotional materials from the Nebraska Homeschool Box Tops Coordinator
  2. Visit the Box Tops for Education website on your own.
  3. Let everyone know which products carry Box Tops - you can find the list on their website. 
  4. Get store coupons for products with Box Tops - coupons are located on their website.


How can group members help?

  1. Clip and save any Box Tops coupons from participating products.
  2. Must be original Box Tops!  No photocopies or computer printouts, etc.
  3. The expiration date must be legible and not expired. It is okay if the edges are ragged, as long as the expiration date is legible.
  4. Turn in your Box Tops to your group coordinator in advance of the deadline.