Fundraising opportunity for your group


Did you know that Nebraska Homeschool helps local homeschool groups with fundraising?

We can help YOUR homeschool group too!

For the past several years Nebraska Homeschool - The Home Educators Network, Inc. has been helping local homeschool groups through the Box Tops for Education program.  As a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, we do this as a service to support our local homeschool community.  It's one way Nebraska Homeschool gives back to the local homeschool community.  Read more to learn how your group can participate in this program.

How does the program work? 

Any local homeschool support group, co-op, scouting troop, sport team or club with 15 or more members** may apply to participate in the Nebraska Homeschool program.  All your group needs to do is appoint a coordinator and follow the steps below.  Each Box Tops coupon is worth 10 cents.  Occasionally you will even find doubles or bonus Box Tops!

Encourage your group members to collect and turn in Box Tops, then watch your group's funds grow.  If you would like promotional materials for your group just email your request to NH-HEN Box Tops Coordinator.  You are also welcome to visit the Box Tops for Education website on your own.

**For profit entities, groups that are registered nonprofits, or groups that come under a registered nonprofit other than Nebraska Homeschool are not eligible to participate in this program.


Where can I find a list of products that carry the Box Tops coupons? 

For a full listing of products click Box Tops Product List 2016-2017.


Are there any store coupons for products with Box Tops?

Yes!  You can print your own store coupons for Box Tops products...just visit and print the coupons you want to use.


What do individual families need to do?

  1. Clip any Box Tops coupons from participating products
  2. Must be original Box Tops!  No photo copies or computer printouts, etc.
  3. Expiration date must be legible and not expired. It is okay if the edges are ragged, as long as the expiration date is legible.
  4. Turn in Box Tops to your group coordinator in advance of the deadline


What does your group coordinator need to do?

  1. Verify all expiration dates are legible and valid
  2. Separate Box Tops coupons into bundles of 50
  3. Secure each bundle in a baggie, with string, or a rubber band
  4. Tally and bundle special (i.e. bonus) Box Tops coupons separately
  5. Complete the submission form.  Click here for NH-HEN Box Tops Submission Form or request one from our coordinator


What does your group send to the NH-HEN Coordinator?

  1. Completed submission form for your group
  2. Box Tops grouped in bundles of 50
  3. Additional or extra Box Tops (with fewer than 50) grouped, counted, and marked
  4. Self-addressed stamped envelope – so NH-HEN can promptly send you your group's check
  5. Submit all of these items to the NH-HEN Box Tops Program Coordinator listed below


When do we get paid? 

Payment dates are approximately 90-120 days after turn-in dates (October 20 or February 20).   NH-HEN expects to receive funds from General Mills in mid-February and mid-June, respectively.  Once funds are received, we can process group checks.  Please be patient, much has to happen between the time you turn in your group's Box Tops and when funds are sent to your group.

     NH-HEN Deadlines for Submitting Box Tops:

     Fall Deadline: October 20

     Spring Deadline: February 20

      Mail or hand-deliver your Box Tops bundles to NH-HEN Coordinator NO LATER THAN the deadline.  Box Tops will not be accepted after the deadline.


NH-HEN Box Tops for Education Program Coordinator 

Laura Wendt


Please email to request mailing address/location for hand-delivery